About Me

I’m a woman with lots of ideas and not nearly enough energy to keep up with them.  My main goal in life is to be filled with joy,  and to help others do the same.  I find that gratitude, contentment, simplicity and optimism are the keys to joy and I love sharing that message with others. I’m obsessed with learning about interesting, passionate people and with exploring the journey they took to get where they are. Keeping that in mind, I’m on a mission to end the idea that life has to be a difficult struggle. I instead want you to know that life is an amazing journey that is filled with possibilities just waiting to be unleashed. You should live your dream and never look back! Trust me, it’s totally possible!

These are a few of my favorite things:

Music, free thinkers, dance, art, color, neutrality, love, time alone, laughter, rebels, animals, nature, simplicity,jeans, t-shirts, a great pair of Van’s or flip flops, DIY, food, organization, rule breakers, products that make life easier, and people who live their passion.


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