How Do You Lift Your Spirits?

Warm lemon water with raw honey, check!
Spinach, pear, apple, strawberry and coconut water smoothie, check!
Raw, organic almonds, check!
Is your food helping or hurting you today?

I notice that my state of mind has such an affect on what I eat and how my body functions.  When my head is clear and I am feeling energized I want to nourish my body, mind and soul. But… When my head is filled with angst or sleepiness, I do quite the opposite. Filling my body with things that don’t serve me well and taking my body for granted. Keeping this in mind and noticing a major dip in my mojo as the weather turns cooler I have been turning back to physical activity  and fresh food to up my spirits and keep me on the track of self care that I so enjoy. I am also including fruits and veggies whenever I can even if it’s just sipping on a smoothie as I write this to you, or grabbing an apple as I a=walkout the door to head to a meeting. It isn’t always easy to fight those human urges to shove fries in my mouth or just watch one more music video instead of going for a walk, but it is always worth it and most of the time it works to get me out of whatever funk I am in. My other two go to mood lifters are music and dance. Nothing lifts me up more than turning on an amazing tune and throwing myself around the dance floor, that is my house, a time or two. So, what I want to know from you is… What you do to tune back in when your spirits are low?

Happy Day!